Mumford & Sons – Babel


Drawing influence from literary icons ranging from Shakespeare to Steinbeck, Mumford & Sons is the most visible contemporary band of their genre. Using markedly folk instruments like the banjo and mandolin, they have an interesting mix of bluegrass and indy rock among other things. Here’s the title track from their #1 album entitled “Babel.”

Born Ruffians – Needle

A light hearted song that makes me want to go out to the park, I really don’t know what else to say. From their album “Birthmarks” which was released today and is something I’m going to waste my late night hours on for sure. Well let me know what you think of it.

Mumford & Sons – Whispers In The Dark

The new single from a band that I find hard for anyone to not love. Im really digging this folk/americana music movement as long as it stays pure but we all know how that goes. Either way Im still enjoying it for now, good work guys.

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Kodaline – High Hopes

This band recently caught my attention with the song “Love Like This” which I have only been able to find versions filmed on phones with obvious quality issues, so I give you the second best thing. A great video and song by Kodaline from their EP “High Hopes” coming out on March 17th 2013. Their full album “A Perfect World” is due out June 10th 2013. Ill keep an eye out for that other video and post it as soon as I find it. FYI This great rock quartet is based out of Dublin Ireland.

Phosphorescent – Song for Zula

A delightful song from phosphorescent’s new album “Muchacho” due out in March 2013. FYI  Matthew Houck who makes up this one man plus guests, was born in Alabama and began working and recording in Georgia which has defiantly come through in his soulful sound. He is currently lives and works in New York, New York.