Watch the new Sleigh Bells Video- “Demons”

photo courtesy of GQ

photo courtesy of Grimy Goods

Alexis Krauss is so freaking amazing live in concert, and if you can’t see them perform, this is a great up and close version of what Sleigh Bells is like up on stage. Check out “Demons”, I have a feeling you’ll be blasting it this weekend if you do…

Felix the Hat,
Live Music City, high hopes!

New album release- “Reign of Terror”, by Sleigh Bells

album cover courtesy of Sleigh Bells

Songwriter Derek E. Miller, formerly the guitarist for the post-hardcore band Poison The Well, and Alexis Krauss, formerly a member of the teen-pop group RubyBlue, have come together to form Sleigh Bells. The two first came out with their LP Treats in 2010. Today, they have released their second record, Reign of Terror, which is a great combination of a female punk/pop-rock singer with eclectic electronics, screaming guitars, and bouncy beats. Stereogum says that “The real best album to come out today is Sleigh Bells’ Reign Of Terror“.
Listen and stream the entire album HERE.
…and their official music video for “Comeback Kid”

Felix the Hat,
Live Music City, high hopes!