Fresno’s Spring Fling 2012- Live Pictures and Videos

All pictures and videos by Felix the Hat

It was definitely the hottest event Fresno will probably see in 2012. Spring Fling 2012 was an eclectic mix of Fresno’s hottest musicians, DJs, and models that all rocked the stage. The bar was hoppin’, the people were dancing, and all in all, Fresno came out and represented its city in the most energetic, and fun manner I have ever experienced here. Hoping that this and Fall Fling will continue for years to come. Again, thanks to Lewis Everk for implementing this idea and giving Fresno what it has wanted for a long, long time now.



No hangover with Roaring Lion

California Galaxy back stage

2Tallin and YB

Halo the Human

Bravo Diablo

B. Free

“Hell of a Time”

California Galaxy

“Not Another Word”

Lady Kate

DJ Kay Rich



Danielle Rondero

Jenny Tormey

DJ Luwiss Luxx


Felix the Hat,
Live Music City, high hopes!