Rick Ross, Dr. Dre and Jay-Z- “3 Kings”

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Rick Ross did it… he wanted a song and video to be named “3 Kings”, but in order for that, 2 other high profiled rap superstars would have to agree with this conception. Well, it didn’t take long, Dr. Dre and Jay-Z were to be on both the song and video. The video shows the progression through each of their lives, as it displays them then and now and the success they’ve reached. What three better legends to be, would be better to have had on this track. Watch it below…

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New 50 Cent Song “New Day”, Feat. Dr. Dre & Alicia Keys

Here’s a new one today from 50 Cent, featuring Mr. Dr. Dre himself, and the always beautiful Alicia Keys. The song is from 50‘s upcoming album Street King Immortal, which will drop in the fall sometime. Oh did I mention the song is produced by Swizz Beatz?

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DMX is Back and Dropping a New EP Today, 5/15- ‘The Weigh In’

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Heard something about this a couple of months ago, and who would think much of it. Then again yesterday, some news about a new song coming out, still was hesitant in believing this wide-spread rumor. But today some truth was revealed. DMX has evidently been hard at work, with the release of his new EP The Weigh In today, that features production from Dr. Dre and Dame Grease. The EP also features Snoop, Tyrese, Lil Wayne, Rich Kid, Niam Son, and Wayno. We haven’t heard a new album from DMX for a minute, and it’s good to see him back in the game. And this EP is just an appetizer for his full album Undisputed, which will be dropped right after this, next month, June 26. Check out the track list for The Weigh In below, as well as the first track leaked from the EP, “Sh*t Don’t Change”. Good luck X.

“Sh*t Don’t Change” Feat. Snoop Dogg, produced by Dr. Dre

1. The Weigh In Intro
2. Were I Wanna Be Feat. Big Stan (Produced By Niam Son)
3. Shit Dont Change Feat. Snoop Dogg (Produced By Dr Dre)
4. Last Hope Skit
5. Last Hope Feat. Andreena Mills (Produced By Rich Kid)
6. Lil Wayne Interlude
7. Were My Dogs At (Produced By Wayno)
8. Tyrese Speaks
9. That’s My Baby Feat. Tyrese
10. Right Or Wrong (Produced By Dame Grease)
11. Dj Envy Interlude

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Himanshu From Das Racist Interviews Kendrick Lamar

Great short interview done with Kendrick Lamar with questions asked and composed by Das RacistsHimanshu. Kendrick and Hima speak about writing, dreams, black hippies, and white fans saying the ‘N’ word. Enjoy!

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Set Time Revealed For Coachella 2012

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Coachella Set Time For Weekend One For 2012

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New Game track leaked from new mix-tape ‘California Republic’ feat. Nipsey Hussle- “Bills Is Paid”

photo courtesy of Billboard

The Game drops track from his new mix-tape California Republic, presented by DJ Skee, scheduled for release tomorrow, and the track is called “Bills Is Paid”. “Bills” paid features Nipsey Hussle, listen below.
“Bills Is Paid” The Game, feat. Nipsey Hussle

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