Amazing New Song/Video from Bonnie “Prince” Billy, “I See a Darkness”

Well friends, it’s time again for the song, and this time video of the day. “I see a Darkness” has been released by Bonnie “Prince” Billy, and it will catch and pull you in like a used car salesman, but in the best way possible. From the start to the finish, such a good one that I happened to catch today, and you can’t help but imagine that this would be great live, and seems like a lead-off album starter. The video is so crisp and refreshing, the amazingness of black & white film exposure may seem overdone, but here, just adds to the warmth of the song. I will definitely be getting the album, Now Here’s My Plan, July 24. Watch “I See a Darkness” Here…
Did you think this is “song of the day” worthy?
Felix the Hat,
Live Music City, high hopes!