Majical Cloudz – Childhood’s End

A dark off beat but strangely attractive song for Majical Cloudz with and equally strange music video. This is the first video out for their new album “Impersonator” which you can stream off of pitchfork here:



A great pop song from band Kid Astray that I’m just now starting to check out. They do a great job of making these sad lyrics sound upbeat and exciting. I may take all my bad news from now in pop from, which may make a great website. Bad news sung very well to upbeat music, genius.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – So Good At Being In Trouble


I’m really enjoying all this new old school style psychedelic rock that has been coming out lately and I hope there’s a lot more to come. Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s band members have roots in Portland, Oregon and New Zealand and became known originally when a group of bloggers made it their mission to track down the “unknown” author of an internet track “Pfunny Pfriends“.

Skrillex and Damian Marley- “Make It Bun Dem” (Official Video)

2 masters of their own genres hook-up to bring you this new song you’ll be hearing at the clubs soon enough. Watch the video for “Make It Bun Dem” from Skrillex and Damian Marley.

Felix the Hat,
Live Music City, high hopes!