Fun. – Aim & Ignite B sides and remixes FREE Download

Download these new and rare versions of tracks from FUN’s first album “Aim & Ignite” for free for a limited time. Get to it.

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Alabama Shakes Released New Album Today- “Boys&Girls”- Don’t Be Sorry, Get It Now!

photos on this page courtesy of Alabama Shakes new album booklet from Boys&Girls

Since I first heard of Alabama Shakes earlier this year,  have been anticipating the release of their new album, Boys&Girls, especially after seeing them live in concert, twice this year at SXSW.
They are seriously, by far, one of the best bands to come around in a long time, as well as one of the best live bands I have ever seen. I believe this to hold truth because you can so feel the passion and love that they bring to the stage and the energy that they protrude through their instruments, voice, and music.
Recognition for Alabama Shakes should arise very quickly throughout the world, just how it did in Austin, during and post SXSW this year. Listen to a few songs below from the new album Boys&Girls.
“Be Mine”


“Heavy Chevy” (Bonus Track)

Hope you enjoy!
Felix the Hat,
Live Music City, high hopes!

X-Rated drops new mix-tape, ‘Sacramentally Disturbed’

photo courtesy of

Check out Sacramentally Disturbed, X-Rated‘s first mix-tape recorded from prison. You can download and listen to his entire Sacramentally Disturbed, mix-tape HERE
Felix the Hat,
Live Music City, high hopes!

E-40 Drops 3 Albums Today- “Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil Vol. 1, 2, & 3”, available now for download

photo courtesy of Hip Hop Arsenal

The much awaited 3 album release by 40 Water is now available today. At 44 years old, E-40 still has that same strength and work ethic that has made him what he is today. Being from California, a lot of us grew up on your music, and are glad that you still bring us fresh projects, all the time!
Download “Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil Vol. 1, 2, & 3” HERE

Felix the Hat,
Live Music City, high hopes!

Download New A$AP Rocky Mix-Tape- ‘Live Love Purple’

photo courtesy of Gorilla Vs. Bear

After seeing A$AP Rocky live at SXSW, I recommend checking out all of his music including Live Love Purple mix-tape, which dropped today.
Download it HERE
Felix the Hat,
Live Music City, high hopes!

Action Bronson Drops New Mix-tape, “Blue Chips”

photo courtesy of DJ Booth

Last week at SXSW, I had the privilege of seeing Action Bronson in concert. I hadn’t heard much of him before the show, but after experiencing this lyrical wiz, I had to get online and check out more of his work. Action Bronson, a white-rapper, from Queens, NY., teamed up with artist/producer Party Supplies to bring us a the new mix-tape Blue Chips, which fans are raving over. Blue Chips features Roc Marciano, Meyhem Lauren and Kool AD. Check out his video for “Hookers at the Point”, which was released earlier this month. Download the mix-tape HERE

Felix the Hat,
Live Music City, high hopes!